Local Ghost tours breath and live the history, stories and the legends of the streets and alleys they walk through. They are the experts and the pulse of the historical and haunted territory they consistently guide folks through. Capture their first hand knowledge and  experiences. Validate with them (and sometimes their offered tools or mediums)  the spirits that have left their footprints on their soil. Nothing can come closer to the actual spirits than these folks! 

What location are your travel plans leading you to? Make sure to look up local ghost tours to breath and take part of the spiritual world they represent. Review the list offered in your destination, and review all the details offered on their website, their tour style (walking, riding), their length (time and distance) and of course remarks left by others! Make sure to know your physical limits, where appropriate clothing and take street-wise precautions when taking part of these amazing tours. Above all, be ready to capture evidence with cameras, digital recorders or even investigative equipment!

Plan A Journey

Whether you want to plan a ghost tour, visit a haunted inn, or see evidence of paranormal activity - you have come to the right place. Here we offer all the details of places and properties known to have activity from the other side. After your journey, please feel free to come back and share the details and/or evidence you experienced while on your journey.

Haunted Sites

There is nothing more chilling and exhilarating than investigating in a spirited historical location. These may include museums that hold treasures from the past, battlefields where blood was spilled with passionate loyalty to its cause, prisons that held the most evil and regretful souls to roam the earth and insane asylums where persons trapped for the rest of their lives while suffering and enduring barbaric treatment practices. These rooms, spaces, halls and grounds hold the deepest secrets, revengeful moods and hostile motives ... that have traveled from beyond the grave. 

Capture the moment, relive the history that continue to occupy these historical sites. Rediscover the tales and experiences as told by many that have dared to stay in their property. We hope to introduce you to the most perfectly and (possibly) challenging sites spirited historical sites, but with this comes responsibility. 

Abandoned Properties

Abandoned properties and buildings are everywhere and they can be quite fascinating. There are many different types of abandoned buildings. There are houses, hospitals, resorts, industrial sites and much more. These abandoned buildings tend to hold a certain mystery in their derelict state. Why are they empty? Why were they left to rot? What type of people resided there? Why did they leave? What’s in there now? What is going to happen to the building? Abandoned buildings bring up more questions than answers.

Please keep in mind that exploring an abandoned building can be very dangerous as some of the buildings are not structurally sound. Never explore alone. It’s best to go in with a partner, good lighting and (certainly) modes of communication for help (if needed). Stories have been shared amongst fellow explorers of falling through floors and falling down collapsing stairs. You may also find (besides ghostly inhabitants) rodents, animals or maybe a homeless person. Always use good judgment! Also, keep in mind that if the building is posted as no trespassing you should gain permission before exploring.

We ask that you always show courtesy and good judgment in visiting these properties. Respect property lines and trespassing limitations. Please take caution in approaching and visiting these (or any other) locations, since courtesy, respect, lawfulness and caution should be top priority in every Haunted Investigator's style. Also do realize, some of these places may have permanently closed or warn there is no trespassing allowed. Please do not go where it is prohibited. In addition, they may not be available for your visits. Many of these sites offer tours for a fee...often time considered a donation. This is your opportunity to contribute to their preservation efforts, so please be generous.