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Search for haunted hotels, paranormal events, haunted places, historical ghost tours & supernatural resources for your next haunted journey.

Developed by experienced paranormal enthusiasts, with all levels of interest in mind, Haunted Journeys has assembled an extensive and robust directory of the most haunted places to tour in America and beyond. If you are seeking notoriously haunted landmarks to travel to or intriguing paranormal events to attend, our engaging and interactive “near me” map is for you.

For those seeking a more gentle approach, our spooky stories will introduce you to the ghosts that lurk neighborhood cemeteries and prairie roads near you. In addition, explore famously haunted cities and undiscovered creepy towns, through the ghostly tales and urban legends shared by local Historical Ghost Tour companies.

Whatever your sense of adventure calls for, Haunted Journeys will guide you to the possibility of real ghost sightings in the spookiest travel destinations. Our unique, comprehensive categorical listings of legendary haunts will allow you to choose from year-round venues, seasonal promotional opportunities, and well organized haunted getaways.

Haunted Places

A perfect haunted journey will surround you with mysterious ghost-filled experiences. Pick your location, either with our robust search tools or our interactive “near me” map. Be sure to also visit our Legendary Collection, where you travel to haunted destinations as seen on paranormal television programs or are the places that are haunted by the ghosts of famous historical and celebrity people that have moved on.

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Be fascinated by a exploring a legendary haunted city with a Historical Ghost Tour. Meet celebrated paranormal talents and fellow enthusiasts in Paranormal Events of all sizes. Ghost Hunt the most celebrated haunted places with overnight investigations. Challenge your worst nightmares with regional haunted house attractions.

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Empower yourself with the finest paranormal investigation tools and gadgets, ghost detection applications, paranormal publications and general fun supplies for the supernatural enthusiast.

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