Haunted Journeys

Our Vision and Mission

"A Haunting is History wishing to be Heard."
- Haunted Journeys™

"In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create,
but by what we refuse to destroy."   
- John Sawhill

As persons always fascinated and intrigued by the metaphysical and paranormal, we were always looking for a perfect place where history, experiences, validation and curiosity can be combined in one respectful and intuitive place, accessible to all.  With this, we wanted to find purpose, not just as a trade but in meeting a mission.

With this, Haunted Journeys™ came to life. Not only does it showcase public haunted properties all over the world with truth, honor and professionalism, but we chose to optimize their social engagement by promoting their associated events, tours and stories in one concise and easy to manage platform. Together we will deliver an amazing experience and do good for the our world. 

The Principals

Maria Pons-Schmidt

As Founder and President of Haunted Journeys™, Maria is inspired in community collaboration within the paranormal field, enhancing public awareness for the contributions and benefits of the haunted tourism industry.  High in Maria’s focus with the work she applies, is historical preservation. From there, their motto was created ... "A Haunting is History seeking to be Heard." She believes soundly that Historic Preservation should never be overlooked as a Economic Driver, but as a solid foundation of its existence. 

As a Registered Nurse, her paranormal experiences with the after-life were enhanced working with gerontology and the death & dying stages of life.  Later as the marketing manager of one of the most haunted inns in Florida, Seven Sister Inn, her curiosity for scientifically approaches were further intensified. She saw there was purpose for their messages.

Maria with authority, experience and broad vision for the future of haunted tourism, continues to reach out and engage best practices in promotional strategies for the success of historic property preservation and its industry. Understanding their story, their goals and their needs are the pillars of her marketing approach.  

In addition, through Haunted Journeys™, her vision led to the formal proclamation and commission of National Ghost Hunting Day™ as a certified calendar entry.  To celebrate this date annually, an event was internationally launched called the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt™ engaging millions around the world. Celebrated on the last Saturday of each September, this global event dedicates itself to Historic Preservation, unity among stakeholders in the paranormal Investigation field and public awareness of the respectful merits and contribution of the haunted industry to the tourism market.


Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt, Haunted Journeys™ Director of Marketing, was formerly a casual observer of paranormal television shows and journals. Until he became innkeeper of one of the most haunted inns in the Southeast USA, the Seven Sisters Bed and Breakfast in Ocala, Florida, he was put into a position of needing to work with the commitments that these special properties entail. Featured on a 2008 episode of SyFy's Ghost Hunters, the inn was known to have strongly active spirit activity. This was his formal introduction into this field. Through this experience, the process of evolving from a skeptic to that of a somewhat skeptical believer took place. Undeniable evidence and personal experience with many different aspects of paranormal research and investigation has brought him to this point.

Partnering with his wife Maria, Bob has become a critical part in the development of Haunted Journeys™. With the mission of establishing the most comprehensive and robust online directory of all that is haunted, he leveraged his expertise and experience in the hospitality end. With his proficiency and success in running a historic inn, Bob understood the difficulties of running a business that balances a haunted history with a main stream clientele. Becoming part of the organization's research and development team, he is able to merge effective tourism strategies within the niche of supernatural tourism. 

As a by-product of their online business, Bob and Maria decided to bring attention to the many varied locations for paranormal enthusiasts to partake in, and initiated National Ghost Hunting Day (on the last Saturday each September). The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt was set up and executed by Maria in 2016, and this is now our 3rd annual event. 2018’s participation has grown to more than 150 locations representing 14 countries in 6 continents. The founding principles of this event are to bring attention to Historic Preservation efforts through the haunted, and to create a more unified effort throughout the industry while inviting new people to join in.


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