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Haunted Tomb of a Torturer: Edinburgh Castle

Come with me and get muddy. Imagine a place that is gray, gloomy and wet almost always yet is strangely festive.

Haunted Old Baraboo Inn

An old saloon sets the stage for being one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin and named in 10 Most Haunted Restaurants in America by Food Network, all due to phantom hookers, thieves, cowboys and gangster phantoms that still lurk and call this historic landmark home. Join us in exploring the hauntings of the Old Baraboo Inn in Baraboo, Wisconsin!

Haunted Bryan Ohio

Not very much is known about haunted Bryan, Ohio. This may be the SOUL reason restless spirits are the centerpiece of an upcoming paranormal events and star studded ghost hunt!

World's Largest Ghost Hunt - The Reveal

Secrets from the Spirit World will be revealed on December 8, 2018, at the historic and incredibly haunted Old Baraboo Inn. We invite you to be a part!

Mysterious Beaghmore Stone Circles

Off the beaten path, outside of Cookstown, you will find one of Ireland most unusual and mysterious (and possibly very haunted) sites, Beaghmore Stone Circles, attracting many ghost hunters. Are they just rocks in a field or is there a strong, unearthly power behind the unique formation? Here are seven reasons to visit these seven circles.

Haunted Loftus Hall

Today’s haunted journey takes us to the south eastern part of the Republic of Ireland's County Wexford. Here you will find what claims to be the most haunted house in all of Ireland, Loftus Hall.  

Fun Halloween Facts


As one of the most celebrated, fun and spooky holidays, Halloween takes the cake in all its charm. But, we bet you don’t know some of these Halloween-related fun facts! Haunted Journeys has picked the top ten!