Haunted Journeys
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Rare Full Super Blood Wolf Moon

A haunting and mysterious event will take over our celestial ceiling this coming weekend, January 21-22, 2019. This occurrence is so magnificent that the metaphysical have embraced its supernatural power, offering an opportunity for those that believe to use its power.

Brian Cano Investigates Old Baraboo Inn

Brian Cano will be appearing at the Historic Old Baraboo Inn in Wisconsin on Sat., April 27th!

You are special!  These tickets are being exclusively offered to our members and are not publicly available as yet!  Tickets publicly go for sale at on Tuesday 1/15/19 at 7:45PM.

A Poet's Dark Craft: Haunted Houses

With his famous line within the dark crafted poem, "All houses are haunted houses", Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was aware of the nostalgia, history and memory that lived in every home. It wasn't just that there were ghosts present but that one could use imaginative powers to see beyond the moment. 

5 Chilling Events that happened on New Year’s Eve

One could never imagine of such spine-chilling true stories occurring on New Year’s Eve, usually associated with celebrations for a new start of life, a new chapter in our lives. These, tragically, took an unfortunate detour.

Haunted Puerto Rico

The Mystery and History of Puerto Rico

Caribbean Islands offer mysterious lands of call, often defined as the most haunted where restless spirits are anxious to tell their tangled and century-old stories of brutal foreign reign and savage wars. Here we present Puerto Rico, whose beauty and cultural impact is only matched by its supernatural intensity.

Wanted: Paranormal Investigators for a New Ghost Hunting Cable Show

According to the Pilgrim Media Group, the "producers of (SyFy) Ghost Hunters are seeking skilled and dynamic paranormal investigators to join a new team" that will be cast to investigate reported hauntings across the United States. Do YOU want to be a part of this?

Multiple Ghost Hunts Unleashed For One Night in a Single Haunted Town!

Imagine ghost hunting an ENTIRE TOWN, in a single spooky night! That’s just what’s going to happen on May 18, 2019 in Antioch, Illinois with Hunt the Town™