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What advice do metaphysical practitioners provide us to protect us against the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and help us understand its direction?

What advice do metaphysical practitioners provide us to protect us against the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and help us understand its direction?

The Corona Virus has taken over our society with a significant impact. Every day, we focus on the news, the impact in our communities and in our own families. Is this a collective consciousness that is being created, but unfortunately wrapped in fear, despair and above all, uncertainty for our future?

The First Predictions of the Corona Virus

Possible first predictions of the Corona Virus go back (some) almost 40 years ago. Some of the details are chilling. Others classify them as impossibilities. You be the judge. 

Sylvia Browne
Psychic Medium

Sylvia Browne Psychic Medium

In 2008, Sylvia Brown, a (now deceased) celebrated and famous Psychic Medium, wrote in her book “End of Days”,

“In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”

To obtain a copy of this book, here is our recommendation.

Dean Koontz
American Science Fiction / Horror Author

Another foreshadow of this Corona (COVID) Virus pandemic event came from American author Dean Koontz, predicting the coronavirus outbreak in 1981. His Sci-fi novel, The Eyes of Darkness, author Koontz made a reference to a killer virus called “Wuhan-400”. Did this eerily predict the Chinese city where Covid-19 would emerge?

Chillingly, the book claimed that the virus was a "perfect biological weapon" that had a 100 percent kill rate. A passage from the book reads:

"They call the stuff Wuhan-400 because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorgnisms created at the research center. Wuhan-400 is a perfect weapon. It afflicts only human beings. No other living creature can carry it. And like syphilis, Wuhan-400 can't survive outside a living human body for longer than a minute, which means it can't permanently contaminate objects or entire places the way anthrax and other virulent microorganisms can."

Dean Koontz - The Eyes of Darkness
If you wish to read this chilling tale, Amazon offers it in different formats.  LOOK HERE.

Fortunately, as of this day, the morbidity rate of COVID-19 hovers over 2% and is not being isolated as a human-made weapon.  In his book, the Whuan-400 had a frightening quick incubation period of four hours, compared to COVID-19's two to 14 days. 


The Revelations from our Psychic Mediums

Now let us introduce our honored contributors, highly respected in the contemporary metaphysical world. Haunted Journeys interviewed six psychic mediums, in the hopes that they can shine a light of wisdom and prepare us for a journey to battle this incredible pandemic event in our lives.  The questions we offered were:

  1. What are the best metaphysical methods to cleanse the house of physical and spiritual contaminants that surround the COVID-19?
  2. What are your guides telling you how the world/USA will recover from COVID-19 event and what outcomes may come out from it?

There was no hesitation in providing candid responses. They all spoke through their spirit guides and their gifted intuitions. Amazingly, they all had similar responses, but there were some differences. Here they are, listed in alphabetical order of their first names.

David Hanzel
Intuitive Medium, Angel Communicator
North Carolina, USA

David Hanzel

David, from North Carolina, founder of They Whisper to Me, spoke candidly about the Corona Virus. "In short explanation, this is not something put here by God or spirits or evil Aliens. This is man’s responsibility, therefore, there is no way to cleanse a physical house with sage or chants. This virus is an "us" problem.

“There are ways to protect ourselves spiritually.  “Make sure your spiritual and physical are in alignment. This means that your thoughts need to be as emotionally healthy as your body. It doesn't mean that you lift weights or exercise. You need to be conscious of your nutrition and activity. Eat to survive right now and not strictly out of gluttony.

“Get in touch with yourself and do not judge the way others are handling this every single human on this planet possess the same spiritual gifts I do, You need to work with your intuition and start to become aware of you, Be as optimistic as you can and know deep in your heart that you are automatically protected and you simply need to listen to that positive voice inside that tells you what's really right from wrong.

In response to how this be in our future, Dave responds…

“This (virus) will stop, but the length is not determined by the other side.  As stated (above), this is man’s problem. We brought this on (to) ourselves and need to take responsibility for it as a whole. They are hoping that we stop the judgment between each other.  They laugh because we speak of Judgment day in the bible and do not realize that this is a sort of judgment day. But we are not judging ourselves as we do when we leave this world. We are judging others.

This is something that simply does not occur on the other side. We do recover from this as a virus but the repercussions between the human-race fighting against each other will leave quite the scar. So in a sense for some, there will be no recovery in this lifetime. The playing field is being leveled at this time as the rich will now experience the Ying to their yang, sort of speak.

Most will experience how the other half feels loose the power and greed that is so near and dear to them but not as punishment but as repayment for Karma accumulated. As far as the paranormal, psychic, medium, etc., the expertise will have to be ramped up.

You, my friends, will go far and find great satisfaction in what you have the calling to do. I am speaking only in the context of what may happen in our world. There are many facets of people who are going to have an awakening. In the beginning, it will not be good. But in time, they will be so much happier and wiser for the wear.

Connect with David Hanzel
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Deb Johnson-DeRousse
Spiritual Medium and Healer
Michigan, USA

Deb, from Michigan USA, and founder of Mystical Awakenings Radio, took much passion in delivering her message to us.  “I feel that sage is the number one metaphysical tool that we can use in our homes right now. First, it is great at killing airborne bacteria, second, it will dispel any negative energy including the negativity that is created through our own thoughts and fears.

“The next metaphysical tool that I would use would be essential oils that help with our immune system and the smell will also help you to feel comfortable in your space. In my opinion, the best essential oils would be eucalyptus, tea tree, oregano, clove, peppermint, or rosemary. Most can be diffused into the air to fight bacteria and viruses. Just a drop of oregano on the bottom of your feet is great for fighting off viruses. There are many products on the market that can safely be diffused, like Thieves essential oil by Young Living that will help.”

Young Living’s Thieves – Product Info

Deb continues, “Several crystals could also be beneficial in warding off negativity and bringing in love, peace, and harmony. There are so many out that that I won't get into which ones to use, I'll just say to remember that black stones are great at dispelling negativity and adding protection, pink and green are often associated with love and positive energy, and stones like clear quartz or anything purple will help to raise vibrations and assist with clarity and connecting to higher realms.”

Where is this all going to, Deb?

“What are my guides telling me? I've done a ton of meditating and connecting since this first started and the number one thing they have told me is to help others to stay in a place of love and away from fear. They also say that this virus will pass and overall it will bring much unity and understanding to the entire planet.

“Most will survive and will have a stronger immune system afterward. We will come out of this healthier and stronger, we will learn to take individual responsibility to create global healing and love."

Deb DeRousse contributed a follow-up in-depth article that we recommend highly.
A COVID-19 Healing Message from Spirit: Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let It Be

Deb then offers golden words from the Spirit. “We must all take responsibility and use common sense, help others to get through this as you also stay at a safe distance for the sake of the whole. It's no longer about YOU as an individual, it's about the whole planet and all beings. It's time to erase negative emotions among the beings of this planet and realize that we must work together and help each other.”

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Jodie Martinez
Certified Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher
Florida, USA

Jodie Martinez

Jodie, from Cassadaga, Florida USA and a member of the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp as a Medium, Healer, and teacher, was also very enthusiastic about sharing her observations with our questions. “A few of us (mediums have) seen this coming for quite a while now. I wasn’t exactly sure how, but I even have recorded friends in Spirit warning me to be prepared. I really thought it might come last summer and so did the others, but we were off... or that's when this mess actually started getting put into play and then came to fruition in December. It literally started off our 2020 year.”

Jodie offers her words of advice for protection.  “Physically, I was shown to declutter everything." Jodie's wife and her, "have already started and seriously spring cleaning. Stay in a positive atmosphere and mood as much as you can.

“Try not to get angry because it doesn't help any contaminants that might be around, and besides Lysol-ing everything, Palo Santo wood is great to burn in the house for cleansing. You would use it in the same style you would use sage.

“To each their own, honestly it doesn't really matter how you do it or what you say, you just have to set the intention and the energy you want.”

Jodie than speaks to us what her Guides hold for our future.  “My guides kept showing me the story of the flood to start.

“(This is) how it goes…

“There was a preacher in church one-day giving sermon when a man came running into the church screaming, ‘The flood is coming; the flood is coming!’ Well everyone went running out of the church to go and protect themselves but the Preacher stayed and said: ‘No, I will be positive, have faith, and God will protect me.’ Then a little while later the water starts coming into the church, and the water was up to his knees, and a man on a jet ski comes into the church and says: ‘Preacher, come with me please!’ The Preacher said, ‘No, God will protect me, I will stay here and watch over the church.’

“Then a little longer later and the water is up to his stomach and a man comes into the church on a boat and says: ‘Preacher, please come with me!"’ The preacher responded very adamantly ‘No, God will protect me.’

“Now not too much longer later, and the floodwater is up to the neck of the preacher and a helicopter flies overhead and a man says: ‘Preacher, please come with us, before it's too late!’  The Preacher responded, ‘No, I am protected, God will save me.’

“Now it's too late, and the Preacher unfortunately drowned, and as he transitions and sees the light, he sees God come forward and he asks God: ‘Father, why did you not save me?’

“And God answers back: ‘My dear Preacher, I sent you a man on foot, a man on a jet ski, a man in a boat, and a helicopter in the sky, what else did you want me to send you to tell you to get the hell out of there?’

“I believe, I kept seeing this story over and over again in my mind because this is what is happening now. A lot of people are thinking this virus is not that bad. Just remain positive and it won't hurt you. You bring the energy towards you and that's what you will receive.

“None of this is true or how energy works. An example: When I post an update on my Facebook about the latest on the virus, it is not in fear and panic that I post it, it is in an understanding of what I have been seeing scientifically and the energy behind it is protection for all, not fear.

“This virus is very serious and we have even recorded Spirit talking about what was coming since last summer. This is going to be very significant in all of our lives, but eventually, it will get back to normal. It is vital that people follow the signs and warnings they are receiving, not because of fear, but because you should listen to staying put and just getting through the next 2 months, possibly up to 3 months.

“It is important not to stop being preventive too soon or it will start up again. We have been given many signs and the government knows they needed to act before it showed many people or by then it would have been much worse. We will get through this together...

Using good infection control practices with Corona Virus
Using good infection prevention recommendations is important to not allow the virus to return.

“Remember to not panic, just make decisions to keep yourself and your family safe, and also thinking of others safe while you do it. Hoarding is not necessary because groceries will stay open. Also when you get your dry groceries, if you keep them to the side for 48 hours without touching, it will keep you safer, as even washing the sides of wet groceries like milk before you put it in your refrigerator.“

Jodie concludes with, “Please stay safe everyone... Remain positive and safe and just rest inside with family and enjoy having time with family together to help bond even closer. Maybe we all needed bonding time together... I love you all my friends, stay safe... ❤ and remember the Golden Rule: ‘Whatever ye would want others to do unto you, do ye also unto them... ?’

Connect with Jodie Martinez:
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Lorie Johnson
Evidential Psychic Medium, Shaman Healer, Animal Communicator, Channeler
Maryland, USA

Lorie Johnson

Lorie is guided as a Shaman Healer and Medical Intuitive and founder of Lorlye Angels Eyes from Maryland Ohio. With her spiritual gifts, Lorie reasons with what her guides tell her and what is being seen before her eyes, as practical approaches to killing the virus. She believes in negative energy. When she sees something, she will ask for something good to turn it around in the hopes of prolonging happy lives. 

“Please be careful about how you’re overly checking for fever we can cause things happening to us. If you truly feel bad start drinking lemon water warm, use steam baths for breathing. I also use Vicks for my nose chest and back. Suck on Halls keeping your mouth moist. Drink chicken broth. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables for Vitamin C, including blueberries for antioxidants. Wrap up a sweat if you have to fight the virus or cold or the flu. Take Zinc for when you’re sick.

 Warm Lemon Teas are Goods To Help Against Corona Virus
Warm Lemon Teas are good ways to control Corona Virus

“Spritz of any kind can hold the virus and spread it, including aromatherapy. Be very careful what you're burning oil candles smudges, for if it is a liquid of any type it can spread it.  Keep your surroundings clean, you can use half and half of mouth wash and water to wash your hands as a bacterial cleaner. Fingernails keep the most germs in our bodies. Remember to keep them trim, at least during these times. Soak them in alcohol after you have washed your hands and fingers nails well.”

Lorie feels that we need to meditate every day to keep us healthy and strong. Prayer is important.

Lorie believes this is a tough battle, but perhaps this is a mode of shining a lighted path to us for cleansing our world. Lorie told us, “There’s an old saying, 'Heaven on Earth'.  I believe that is what’s happening. This virus is getting people back together. It’s getting parents to be parents again.”

Lorie Chatting With Her Friends on Facebook

Posted by Lorie on her Facebook Page

Lorie concludes, "Please take care of your selves."

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Renata Daniel
NSW, Australia
Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Healer, Teacher

Renata, a Psychic Medium based out of Australia, and founder of Magickal Solutions, was exuberant returning answers to our questions. She started with, “We cannot hide our heads in the sand anymore. Even though no one wants it to be the way it is we are ALL now in this. Every single one of us. I am really saddened by those who are still ignoring and pushing away the issues around COVID 19. It's real. It's here and its Mother Nature's way of saying, "f#uck you all - I gave you time to sort yourselves out and now it's my turn!”

She continued with, “If we truly believe that we are spiritually connected we are now feeling the pain of the world big time - so we all need to spend time daily sending out a whole stack of emotional support to our closest colleagues and to do good deeds. This will boost us and those around us and give them faith that good people still exist. Let's be super nice to people still in shops, hospitals, pharmacies, takeout’s, etc. because they are copping the brunt of everyone's anger and frustration.

 “Let's accept this time as a time to really search our souls and be proactive. At home I suggest the good old smudge stick as being a great weapon to use - smudge the hell out of every corner of your house - after all, it is a great antibacterial. Try to make use of essential oils and salt lamps and eat wholesome self-prepared simple foods. Look after your elderly and make sure they also have the same resources. These are changing times and you will see those you thought you knew in a different light.

Smudging with Sage is a Good Anti-Bacterial.

“Be as kind as you can be.”

Renata offered her communication with Spirit on where this is all leading us to. “My guides are saying that this is not going to go away quickly because people are resisting. Resistance is a really dumb thing to be doing. As per usual people are not listening to the experts. When is this really going to change?

“This 'me' generation is going to be kicked to the curb. This 'me' generation needs to understand that they are part of a whole family outside of themselves and this is a lesson for humanity to become HUMANE. It is a rough lesson and we will all be hurting. But our Earth will finally breathe. The air will clear, the water will flow, even for a moment, we will regain a balance. Will it teach us anything in the long run? That is yet to be seen.

It is time for a shift towards reconnecting with each other and mother earth.

“I believe that the worst has not hit the US yet. That will come in the next 7 days. Hang on to your hats your population has not been tested properly and it has all come too late to stop many deaths to come. As long as we can withdraw and take stock and learn from this there is hope that after a few months this can subside. This had to happen dearest ones. Sooner or later we had to stop the insanity of over-utilizing everything we have.

“I do implore you all to be deeply giving. Healers spend time daily in distance healing - I do believe that is something most powerful and that it is really needed. Do not try to convert anyone, do not argue or try to preach - just gently move your energies into the big large Universal space without acknowledgment. Set up mediation group times on line. Speak to your tribe. Offer solace and comfort. People are in pain. Be the change right NOW.”

Connect with Renata Daniel
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Rick Hayes
Psychic Medium, Life Coach
Indiana USA

Rick Hayes

Psychic Medium Rick Hayes, from Indiana USA, founder of Life's Gift, offered his reflection with much detail. “Unless you have been in the mountains of Tibet, you are very aware of the current challenge of the virus called COVID-19. I have been receiving requests these past few weeks, including this publication, to share my thoughts as a Psychic Medium.

“One question proposed for my view is what one can do metaphysically and/or spiritually to "cleanse" one's home from the contaminate energies. First I always share in every session to "listen to the experts in their respective fields", in this case, the medical experts. I feel a positive vibration of energy within the home is essential. Begin your day in the home by taking 7 deep breaths, inhale and exhaling slowly while envisioning a pure bright white light surrounding your physical being with positive energy. Positive overcomes negative each and every time.

“Within my home are several Himalayan salt lamps. I do not sage, but do have lavender oil mist lamps. Above all, negative media on television or radio is not time invested in my home.

Rick proceed to answer our question about what’s to come.  Using “… my abilities, those in spirit, or psychic vibrations share regarding the current virus or the outcome, here is my contribution.

“You do not need to possess these abilities to understand the nature of human society today. Because of social media and especially the news media, people tend to "panic" and "follow" with negative dread. It appears to normally be a 60-90 day cycle.

“I feel this current challenge will begin to subside by mid to late April and be minor if any public attention or issue by the end of May. This time will also see a shift in everyday habits and the way we construct certain areas of life, such as travel and business. I feel that it may be several years before we completely understand the virus or a total preventive cure, but the virus will not be a major pandemic again as we have experienced.

Believe with Rick Hayes

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A bonus contribution from Haunted Journeys

Since the lockdown, Venice's canals have become crystal clear, with swans and aquatic life coming back to its waters. The coasts of Italy are welcoming the dolphins to its sure, coming nearer and nearer. Japan now has deer roaming free in the streets. Monkeys are returning their frolics in Thailand. Even more incredible, China has record-breaking pollution cuts.

The Earth has already begun showing signs of amazing things that are happening from the absence of human pollution.

China and Corona Virus
Chinese areas where COVID=19 was detected, there’s been a sharp decline in pollution and greenhouse gases.

What if the entire human population used this as an opportunity to restart society on a greener, more environmentally conscious foot? What we're seeing in the span of a couple of days is amazing. Could Mother Earth be claiming her royal status back?  We hope so.

As Suzanne Prince states in an article from The Identify Queen, “While people panic, the Earth Heals.”

Be well, friends.  Follow common sense, the wisdom of those that know and understand, and the whispers from nature and our higher being as they call to us.

Please leave your comments below.  Let the world know your feelings and advice.

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