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9 Methods to Ward or Cast Off Malevolent Entitites
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There may come a time that you feel that you may need to engage in intervention to rid off negative spirits that are either attached or close enough to threaten your safety. It is not unusual for entity attachments will stay with you until death unless they are removed.

Practitioners in the field, over the centuries, have identified methods to ward off evil spirits, whether they are bad spirits, poltergeists, or even demons. Many of these practices rely on local cultural or spiritual core beliefs. Interestingly, most do a circle around the same principles. Remember, entities do not want you to get rid of them. They will try to keep folks in constant fear of attempting to remove them or making their removal difficult.

9 Methods to Ward or Cast Off Malevolent Entities

9 Methods

Here are some actions that many folks in the industry have done in order to expel/remove dark entities:

  1. Clean any areas in the home that are full of clutter. Negative energy does not flow naturally and has a tendency to hang out in corners and doorways. Spirits love congested areas, and when we fill our homes with clutter, it does not allow for a natural flow of energy. Negative and stagnant energy gets trapped and can build-up. Clean your home thoroughly before attempting a spirit removal. If you do not, it is possible that the spirit will remain hiding in the places you cannot reach.

  2. Fill an abalone shell with sage and Paulo Santo, and walk around the entire home wafting the smoke. You want to concentrate on areas that attract negative energy such as corners, doorways, and places of water such as bathrooms and basements. Make sure the smoke covers all areas of the house. This is why it is important not to have clutter, that way every part of the house is accessible.

  3. Use Holy Water in your surroundings, and spray yourself with it. It is believed by many to ward and cast off evil intruders.

  4. Demand the entity to leave. Be assertive and command that you don't want it to return. You want to announce to the spirit you are aware of its presence and that you want it to leave as you are smudging. Be stern when letting it know! You want your energy to project "I am not playing games and you have to go". If the feeling persists, repeat it strongly several times until you feel you are alone.

  5. Keep your vibrations high. Live life more from your Heart space and be happy, grateful, loving, grounded/centered, etc. Love is the highest vibration. Divine love heals all.

  6. Always ask for the protection of Creator, or whatever God you believe. Faith plays a huge part in your protection and sacred space. Call in your spirit guides or your angles to create and secure a sacred place for protection. The Great Spirit and spirit guides are always willing to assist. When we draw in the light from the Great Spirit/Creator, we are always protected. If you are somebody that does not believe in these spirits it is a good idea to call on the energies of the Earth in general.

  7. Consider receiving Reiki treatment. Negative energies, such as spirit attachments, cords, entities, and psychic attack, are quite obvious to the person trained in Reiki practices to recognize these kinds of blocks and patterns. Becoming more aware of such energies and how to release and transform them can be highly beneficial to the recipient’s health and well-being, both in the present and the long term.

  8. Perform a banishing ritual. Write down the troubles you are having on a piece of paper, being concise and specific. Focus deeply on it. Burn the paper using a white candle or by lighting it and placing it in a white bowl.

  9. If you feel you have been affected by a curse, do the Divine Light Invocation at least five times a day. This will dilute the power of the spell every time you perform it.

Picture, above you, a vast ocean of pure white, colorless Light . . . stretching in all directions, into eternity. Imagine some of that Light pouring down around you, bathing you completely in Light. Exhale and slowly inhale, lifting your arms above your head as you smoothly and gradually tense the whole body. Holding your breath, affirm to yourself with all the concentration possible:

"I am created by Divine LightI am sustained by Divine Light
I am protected by Divine Light
I am surrounded by Divine Light
I am ever growing into Divine Light."

Exhale, gradually relax, and lower your arms slowly.
Now use your imagination to see yourself standing in a shower of brilliant white Light.
See the Light pouring down upon you, and see a stream of that Light flowing into the body through the top of the head, filling your entire being with Light . . . as if you were a transparent vessel, being filled with liquid Light.
Maintaining this image, now with the arms at your sides, exhale, inhale and tense your body. Hold the breath and the tension, and again affirm,

"I am created by Divine LightI am sustained by Divine Light
I am protected by Divine Light
I am surrounded by Divine Light
I am ever growing into Divine Light"

Slowly exhale and relax.
Concentrate on the feeling of the Light. Feel the warm glow of Divine Light suffuse your entire body, outside as well as inside.
Acknowledge silently to yourself:

“Every cell of this my physical body is filled with Divine Light;Every level of my consciousness is illumined with Divine Light.
The Divine Light penetrates every single cell of my being,
Every level of consciousness.
I have become a channel of pure Light.
I am One with the Light.”

Every once in a great while, people run into a spirit that’s not just stubborn, but downright hostile. In this case, it is recommended you reach out to professionals that can help you with this.

Disclaimer: These suggestions are not a replacement for responsible action you should take using sound research, expert consultation, and common sense. Please consider these just as preliminary first steps, and follow them with advice from practitioners in the field that you trust and follow.


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