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Dare to Visit UK's Five Most Haunted Places
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With centuries of intense and stirring history, it’s no wonder the United Kingdom has one of the largest collections of haunted places on the planet earth!

Picking five was certainly a challenge. But then again, it gives us another reason to write again for a new ghostly selection. In the meanwhile, plan a visit or even stay in this mysterious and ancient territories, if you dare! From ancient castles to rambling old inns, and from mysterious tales to sunken villages… find yourself amidst the roaming and unrested spirits of the United Kingdom!

#1 Bloodcurdling Pluckley in Kent

Bloodcurdling Pluckley in Kent

Many say that the village of Pluckley, in Kent, is the most chilling of all towns in the UK. After reviewing all the ghostly tales that have been passed along through the ages, we cannot dare to challenge this claim. Nor has the Guinness Book of World Records, when they officially claimed this in their annals back in 1989.

For a small town of over just 1,000, 12-16 apparitions have been documented to penetrate this location. Do the math, that’s one ghost for every 89 mortals!

Among them is a phantom called the Watercress Woman, said to lurk around the Pinnock Bridge. The folk story tells us this is where she used to sit, smoking a pipe, sipping on gin and selling the watercress she gathered from the stream. Until one day, she met her demise by bursting up in flames! Another soulful chap is the schoolmaster, Robert DuBois, found hanged by his own children. Of course, there is Fright Corner, where is said that a highwayman fell to his death, pierced by a spear and pinned to a tree. Are those his screams whom are still hear in this sleepy street? You’ll need to visit Pluckley to be introduced to the rest of the spiritual gang, but we are pretty you it won’t take much of an introduction!

#2 Tower Of London Horrors in London, England

Tragedies of beheadings and horrific incarcerations offer opportunities for haunts to replay history at the Tower of London.

Many will vow that of all the structures in The Big Smoke (or better known as London), undoubtedly, the 1,000 year old Tower of London is the most haunted of all. Imagine all the robust characters that have lived and suffered in the halls of this majestic property, including kings, queens and even lesser humanly qualifiers. Many met their demise here and quite horrifically. Yes, devastating imprisonments, beheadings and other unsettling outcomes offer explanations for the tremendous hauntings here. For others, their naughty lifestyle have made them prisoners in their afterlife in the incredible property. 

One common haunt belongs to the mysterious White Lady, who is known to leave a scented trail of her favorite perfume, marking her phantom spots. Another ghost is that of Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded on Tower Green in 1536. For you see, she was punished for delivering a still born to her husband, Henry VIII. Her apparition is not any prettier than her horrific story. She is often found wandering the grounds carrying her own severed head. Could she be looking for revenge or perhaps for the infant she failed to give to her grotesque empirical husband? Another tormented specter is that of Countess of Silisbury, when in 1541 she, as a woman of defiance, refused to place her head on the scaffold. Sure enough, the executioner chased her through Tower Green as she screamed in complete anguish. Eventually the executioner caught up to her, gruesomely hacking her to death. Could this be the terrifying screams that continue to be heard in these halls? In fact, many have even witnessed the spectral reenactment of these desperate souls running down the Tower Green.

#3 Greenwich Foot Tunnel Chills in North Greenwich

Greenwich Foot Tunnel Chills in North Greenwich

Since 1902, pedestrians have used this tunnel that runs under the River Thames to go from Isle of Dogs to Greenwich. Strikingly spooky, the tunnel offers a very narrow and eerie path, that many try to avoid. Since the tunnel is always open, taking a midnight hike or even during the devil’s hour is accommodating … but would you really dare?

From the distance, many have witnessed the phantom of a Victorian woman and man, strolling side by side through the tunnel. No one is sure who this couple is, but they usually prefer the late evening and in the middle of the night to take their leisurely walks. When found, they seem to dither into the ends of the tunnel. If you don’t see them, rest assure, you will hear their orchestrated footsteps.  

These entities are accompanied by other incredible spectral phenomenon, including disembodied voices and whispers and sudden unexplainable temperature drops stirring up chills and fears.

#4 Devilish Loftus Hall in Wexford Co., Ireland

Loftus Hall in Wexford Co., Ireland

The haunting starts with a chilling story of a stranger visiting the Tottenham family in the late 1760’s. Their daughter, Annie, was convinced this visitor was the devil himself after witnessing his hoofs and dark behavior. Apparently the man plunged to his death as he flied through the roof. In fact, a hole remains today to provide proof to this odd tale. Annie became so distraught that she locked herself in her bedroom where she stayed nine year, where she was carried out post-mortem in 1885.

Anne has been witnessed several times wandering the halls of the mansion today.

Today the Loftus Hall is privately owned by the Quigley family, but generously opens it to visitors for a small fee. The 45 minute tour is very interactive and becomes more spectacular for the Halloween season.  Take time to read our full article on this amazing spectral property!   Ireland’s Loftus Hall

#5 Sinister Craig y Nos Castle in Penycae, Powys, Wales

Craig y Nos Castle in Penycae Powyc Wales

How strong is fortitude to withstand the darkest and most haunted castle in Wales? Yes, Craig 7 Nos Castle offers a sinister-tinged experience. Built in the 1840’s, the castle’s was named by Adelina Patti, a leading opera singer in her era. It translates to “Rock of the Night” and certainly, that it does.

Prior to Patti’s ownership, it served as a TB hospital where hundreds lost their lives to this unforgiving disease. No wonder Craig y Nos is reputed to be one of the most haunted properties in Wales, if not, all of the UK! One of the many spirits that lurk this Gothic structure is Patti herself, accompanied by dozens of previous patients that lived their remaining days in this capsule of time.

Today, you can experience this thrill, if you dare, during an overnight hotel stay. Although a full service accommodation property, you will certainly feel the chills of the derelict hospital halls and even the decadent opera house energies. Or perhaps more….?  Thrill seekers, be sure to take advantage of the hotel’s ghost hunt nights and be sure to stay in the designated haunted spaces of the castle!

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