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5 of the Most Haunted in Oklahoma USA: Phantoms of the Evergreen State!

The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Washington are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Evergreen State!

Manresa Castle Hotel

Port Townsend, Washington

Haunted Manresa Castle Hotel

The Castle was completed in 1892 as the home of Charles and Kate Eisenbeis. Mr. Eisenbeis was a successful entrepreneur and a prominent member of the Port Townsend business community. It was the largest private residence ever built in Port Townsend, consisting of 30 rooms. Locals referred to the building as the "Eisenbeis Castle."  In 1925, a Seattle attorney bought the Castle as a vacation place for nuns teaching in Seattle schools. Jesuit priests purchased the building for use as a training college in 1927. The Jesuits left in 1968 and the building was converted into a hotel.

This majestic castle hotel is extremely active supernaturally, and all the details that we have found documented are not listed here. Go on over to our main ARTICLE on the Manresa Castle Hotel to these. There are general common manifestations that can be found throughout this space. Doors will open and close by themselves. Lights will also turn on and off by unseen hands. Unexplained spurts of air can be felt off the shoulders of people walking down the hallways. There are several hotspots probably related to the tragedies listed above. An EVP of a male voice was caught saying, "I am not here." Mediums feel a spectral energy present in the center of the attic. From the attic, where the young student priest committed suicide, guests have reported hearing footsteps walking in the attic space above room 302. In fact, the entire third floor is said to be haunted. Inside Room 306, a female phantom of Kate has been experienced. An apparition of a gal with long flowing dark hair is seen wearing a white gown. Her apparition is seen standing by the window where she has been noted have leaped to her death. At times, she has been known to sit on the bed when the guests are in it. She likes to arrange and disarrange belongings in the room. Sometimes she will leave the dresser drawer open. Some have heard her singing in the bathroom in the middle of the night as guests are sleeping. The entire third floor and dining rooms are other spots with intense paranormal activity. If you wish to stay in their most haunted rooms as for either Room 302, 304, and 306 for ones that have the highest recorded experiences.

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Merchant’s Cafe and Saloon

Seattle, Washington

Haunted Merchant Cafe and Saloon

Constructed in 1890, this café is one of the oldest operating restaurants still at its original location in Seattle and the west coast. This two-story structure was destroyed by the Great Seattle Fire in 1889 but rebuilt.

Seattle’s oldest restaurant, and one of the city’s most haunted locations. Merchants Café has had some impressive ghostly activity. It seems their lady of the night has been making her presence known to café guests, employees and visitors. Some of the strange encounters have included slamming doors, moving objects, restroom faucets that appear to turn on and off without assistance, and the sighting of a full-on apparition. At the back of the bar, you will find the original picture gallery that the burly lumberjacks and miners pointed to select their companion for the evening. One of those paintings, called the "Oriental Girl", is said to be haunted, demonstrating some unexplained activity. Also, they've had many reports of hauntings on the ground floor in the women's bathroom. Downstairs in the underground bar is also very entrenched with supernatural action. It is believed that two small children died here in a fire in 1938. Apparently they still roam and play tricks on guests.   

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Campbell House

Spokane, Washington

Haunted Campbell House

The Campbell House was built in 1898 by renowned architect Kirtland Cutter for Amasa Basaliel Campbell and his wife Grace.  Campbell made a fortune in mining exploration and operations in the Coeur d’Alene mining region northeast of Spokane. There were stories widely circulating that three of the Campbell children who lived here in the early 1900s were murdered by an intruder. Then they kidnapped a fourth kid who was never seen again.  Other stories have conflicted, stating that the Campbell family only had one child, Helen, who lived healthily into her adulthood.

There are mysterious stories surrounding the paranormal activity at the Campbell House. There is a portrait of Amasa Campbell in the house that is said to follow visitors with its eyes as they wander the house. Hauntings include sightings of children playing in the bedrooms, mysterious noises, and some even claim that eyes in the portraits move. Visitors describe feeling a very unsettling feeling on entering the house and are often overcome with dread.

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Rosario Resort & Spa

Eastsound, Washington

Haunted Rosario Resort and Spa

Built between 1906-1909 by Robert Moran, who was a successful shipbuilder and later mayor for Eastsound. Robert Moran arrived into Seattle from New York in 1875. In 1938, Moran sold Rosario to Donald Rheem. Rosario was Rheem and his wife's (Alice) vacation home for 20 years. 

Employees Alice Rheem still calls Rosario home even in death. It is said that when she lived there, she would ride a bike to the bar at night wearing only a night-gown. Her ghost has been spotted on the second and third floors wearing a 1930s red dress and sometimes riding her motorcycle. Guests have reported seeing apparitions in the parking lot, walking down the stairs near the main lobby, and hearing footsteps in the halls when no one is there.

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Historic Davenport Hotel

Spokane, Washington

Haunted Historic Davenport

Constructed in 1914, the Davenport Hotel has stood as a cultural beacon in Spokane. Its beginning was noble. As a labor of love, Louis Davenport opened a waffle restaurant, which grew into an exclusive eatery, and turned it into what we know today as The Davenport Hotel. Mr. Davenport loved his hotel, once quoted saying, “I never want to leave here.” In 1951, he died in his own personal suite 1105.   There is also a story of a young woman, Ellen McNamara, who tragically and unexpectedly died on August 18, 1920, inside the hotel. She stepped on the skylight glass ceiling while strolling along a catwalk, it shattered and she fell to her death several floors below into the court on the Sprague Street side. Sustaining a severe head injury, she was conscious for a few seconds and asked, ‘Where did I go?’ before she became insensible. The hotel was restored to its former glory in 2002.

It is said that the ghost of the original owner, Mr. Louis Davenport still visits his historic hotel. His Suite 1105 is said to be quite active, with many strange noises heard and other activity. Mr. Davenport was known to habitually wake at 3 a.m. and tour the hotel in his bathrobe and slippers concerned for his guests' happiness. Today, he continues the same tradition. Many have witnessed seeing a phantom roaming the halls in a bathrobe and slippers.  The spirit of Ellen McNamara also roams after her fatal crash through the hotel's skylight ceiling. Witnesses report seeing a woman in a flapper dress wandering about the mezzanine, asking: “Where did I go?” Other stories include vanishing apparitions of bellhops and the reminders of ghosts from the past with the aromas of cigars they used to enjoy (which would be difficult to do by the living in a smoke-free space). The most recent sightings have been in the basement of the hotel. Multiple workers have reported seeing a tall man in formal attire standing outside of the Spa Paradiso next to the elevators. In one story, a staff member claimed to see the man, but when she turned around for a second, he was gone.  

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