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What force stirs within a lightworker when she is called to visit Ireland's Hellfire Club?

An Introduction...

On one of her journeys, Vanessa Hogle singularly found out about the igmatic force of Ireland's Hellfire Club's ruins. Not only is Vanessa a deeply gifted psychic medium, but she is also a very talented paranormal investigator.

All of this was left on the table when she accepted the challenge of confronting the hidious ruins of Ireland's Hellsfire's Club. Here, Vanessa reveals what occurred when her inner core's fear joined forces with her unbeatable curiosity of Hellsfire's mysteries.

Excerpts from Vanessa Hogle's book, Ghosts Abroad Ireland  (Published by Perfect Trust Productions)

Coming Face-To-Face with the Hellfire's Club

The Hellsfire Club Ireland
Approaching the Hellsfire's Club     Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Hogle

One of the main “Bucket List” items on my first trip to Ireland was getting to see the Hellfire Club. A year before I had already had the pleasure of making my way through the Hellfire Caves in England. A rather raunchy place soaked in infidelity and nefarious behavior. One could only wonder if the Hellfire Club would have the same vibe.

The climb up Mount Pelier, the hill where the Hellfire Club's ruins stand, gave me pause as I felt more trepidation than I had to go to the caves. Why this was so, I had no idea. I just knew I couldn’t shake it.

The Stag

The Entrance to the Hellfire's Club -  "A Stag Stood there"
Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Hogle

I was, maybe, a quarter of the way up when I really began to second guess why I was going to this place when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I stopped and looked to my left and saw the most beautiful…and huge…stag I had ever seen in my life. He was no more than 20 feet away from me and partially hidden by trees.

To say his rack was enormous would be an understatement as it was at least twelve points. If I could have stood next to him he would have towered over me by a foot, or more. I had the immense pleasure of staring into his eyes for what felt like an eternity but was probably no more than ten seconds. As quickly as he had appeared, he was gone.

And all my fears seemed to leave with him.

My Exploration Strengthened

Looking down from the second floor of the Hellfire's Club
Looking down from the second floor of the Hellfire's Club
Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Hogle

I was able to make the rest of the climb without incident exploring the area and taking in all its mysteries. This is one of the things that, as investigators, I don’t think we do enough. We are so fixated on “doing our thing” that we rarely enjoy the surroundings. This is a mistake, folks. You miss so much, in the way of vibes, by having tunnel vision.

I know this to be true because I would have missed something very important if I had followed the crowd into the club. I would have completely overlooked the man standing at the back of the club.

An Apparition of a Man that Sent Me Shivers

(The Apparition) stared at me. Dressed in papal robes and hat, he stood in front of the thin window that faced the back of the property. He was very stern-looking without an ounce of warmth coming from his body. I shivered under his stare but was aware enough to grab my sketchbook from my bag and sketch him out. Not that I would ever forget the way he looked, ever.

The man dressed in papal robes - Hellfire's club"The Man Dressed in Papal Robes"   -   Artistic Rendition Courtesy of Vanessa Hogle

When I finished with my artistic rendition, I made my way into the club. To be honest, at first, I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I even wondered why I had been so apprehensive on my way up the hill. I felt completely comfortable making my way upstairs and going into the different “rooms," as they were.

I was doing this by myself which only solidified my opinion that I may have overreacted. It wasn’t until I came downstairs and found myself drawn to the area behind the stairs that my viewpoint changed. Yes, this particular area held energy that made the rest of the location pale in comparison.

The Bad Room

The Stairs Approaching the Bad Room - Hellsfire Club
The Stairs Approaching the Bad Room - Hellfire's Club - Photo Courtesy of: Vanessa Hogle

From the moment I stepped over the threshold of the small room, I wanted to vomit. It was overwhelming and took all I had to choke it back. Gross, I know, but what was to follow made the feeling so much worse. The room began to transform right before my eyes and, within seconds, I could see two children materialize.

One was a very young girl. Covered in filth, she was naked, her hair hung matted over thin her arms as she wrapped them around knees she’d pulled up close to her body. I could not see her face but understood why she was hiding it when my eyes landed on the boy laying on the floor directly in front of me.

He was older, as best I could tell, due to his size. He was face down on the floor and stripped of his clothing, just like the little girl. His was just as dirty but the evidence of his “lack of life” punched me in the face more than the smell that was now seeping into the room. He was so pale. The only color was the blood that had pooled underneath him due to his many stab wounds.

His poor body had obviously been abused even before he was released from this life. There was no way for me to know exactly how long they had been kept in this room but if the shackles that hung on the wall, and the bucket used to relieve themselves, was any indication…it was a while.

The Bad Room - The Shackled Children in the HellFire's Club
The Bad Room - The Shackled Children in the HellFire's Club
Artistic Rendition Courtesy of Vanessa Hogle

About Hellfire's Club

Reference:  Spooky Isles

Hellsfire Club, Montpelier Hill 
Hellfire Club, Montpelier Hill    Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The Hellfires Club was built in 1725 by William "Speaker" Conolly and originally purposed as a hunting lodge. Connolly, being a wealthy and eccentric landowner, gave the house the name of the Montpelier. It has since then, become known by locals as the "The Haunted House". Its chilling history and unraveling legends accredit these ruins as one of the most haunted in Ireland.

Starting from ages ago, it has been documented that an ancient passage grave once sat on this same property, dating back to the Neolithic Period. Conolly used the stones from the grave when constructing the lodge, leading many to believe that this is one of the primary reasons for the incredible spectral energy of this historic site.

When the Hellfire Club took possession (after Conolly's death) in 1735, the property became very twisted, almost torturous. The Hellfire Club, primarily a men's club, was exclusively for those with a taste for the debauched and the disturbing. Referring to themselves as "bucks" and "devils", it is said that many members were in fact established politicians.

During the daylight hours, the building's shutters were kept closed so to allow the members to sleep away their hangovers and precarious behaviors. There were also tales of sadistic and erotic rituals that involved human sacrifices of the weakest, including children. Not only did the group worship satan, but it is said tales of demonic visitations to the club were frequent.

The lodge on Montpelier Hill continued to serve the members of the club until 1740 when the building mysteriously succumbed to fire.

About Vanessa Hogle    

Vanessa Hogle

Writing her first book, Soulscapes, released on April 28th of 2015, was the beginning of her author journey. Gaining insight and experience, she set out to tell her story. Her Para-biography, Giving Up the Ghost, released August 27th of 2015 laid it all out for the world to see ... the struggles, heartache, and confusion of growing up with certain gifts.

She began doing readings and remote viewings for multiple teams in the United States and abroad. This would lead to her third book, Walking with Ghosts, released September 25th of 2017. With the success of her first three books, spending multiple weeks on Amazon's Best Seller's List, she forged on with her fourth release, Rebel Witch, released June 25th of 2019. It was followed by what would be her fifth best-seller, Diary of a Psychic Loser Magnet in June of 2020.

Her latest book, Ghosts Abroad Ireland, was released in February of 2021. Here Vanessa takes you on her paranormal journey through the ancient island of Ireland. Dive into this magical, mystery trove of her experiences as a Psychic Medium in the Emerald Island. From locations older than the Pyramids to physical encounters that leave a lasting impression, here you will live through her experiences first hand in what has been said to be her best-written work yet!    (Published by Perfect Trust Productions)

You can view all of Vanessa's upcoming adventures, view her items for sale, (including her books), schedule a reading and find all of her social media links at VanessaHogle.com.

Soulscapes by Vanessa Hogle          Giving Up the Ghost by Vanessa Hogel        Walking with Ghosts by Vanessa Hogel

Rebel Witch by Vanessa Hogel          Diary of a Psychic Loser Magnet by Vanessa Hogel          Ghosts Abroad Ireland by Vanessa Hogel


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