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As the premiere catalog of all that is Supernatural and Haunted, we have organized our content to offer the best resources for the world’s first “Spooky Travel Club”.  Membership is free but the benefits are priceless.

Whether you are a novice travel intrigued by mysterious places, an experienced paranormal investigator of the most haunted places in the world, or a haunted location that has opened its doors as a host to the ghost hunting experience … We are your platform to bring you up to the next level!

13 Perks for the Ghost Hunting Enthusiasts

13 Perks for Haunted Location Hosts


13 Perks for the Ghost Hunting Enthusiasts:

  1. Become part of a paranormal enthusiast community that enjoy spooky tourism.
  2. Access to any special offers from our listings exclusively offered to our members.
  3. Get credit and earn a recognition banner for your contributions and involvement.
  4. Get Helpful tips and advice from us and fellow member tailored to your travel plans.
  5. Dive into our Travel Planner, classifying your favorites so you can go back and craft your very own spooky itinerary.
  6. Read all the history, hauntings and recommendations form fellow spooky.
  7. Weekly newsletter of new additions in your Worldly Time Zone.
  8. Monthly newsletter of new additions in all over the world.
  9. Haunted Journey’s "13 Most Haunted…” series will recommend the spookiest and best exploration in certain areas. These are published every Saturday on our “Haunted Stories”.
  10. Thriller Thursday! Every week get your weekend geared up by recommended the "coming soon" chilling events you should consider going to!
  11. Find Like-Minded folks to discuss, share and learn from each other.
  12. Read “how to do” articles from experts and authorities in the industry.
  13. It's Free!

13 Perks for Haunted Location Hosts

  1. Get listed in the Premiere USA-Based Tourism Website dedicated only to the Supernatural, allowing discrete and targeted marketing!
  2. Make yourself known to an exclusive community of explorers that have a strong appetite for the haunted, supernatural and spooky mysteries.
  3. Show off with images and videos about your property.
  4. Receive recognition for your property’s historical past.
  5. Participate in the Haunted Proclamation Award Program.
  6. Drive up your Digital Marketing as you get included in our articles and listings.
  7. Get added to Travel Itineraries as explorers create their road trips.
  8. Be found through our “Haunted Places Near Me” interactive Map in our website AND Google Maps.
  9. Build more relevant revenue by offering events that can be promoted with us.
  10. Be part of a package for those looking for that mysterious get-away.
  11. Engage in our courses and webinars on how to improve your marketing and presence in the tourism industry.
  12. Be part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt on National Ghost Hunting Day and qualify for historic preservation fund raising.
  13. It’s Free!

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